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Grouper is the solo project of American musician, artist and producer Liz Harris.She has released material on her own label and other independent labels since 2005. Grouper released the critically acclaimed Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill in 2008, followed by five more records, including a two-part album, A I A, and the piano-led album Ruins.Her eleventh album, Grid of Points, was released After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house Nivhek. Grouper is the solo project of ambient musician Liz Harris, from Portland, Oregon, United States. Harris' music is a mixture of softly-strummed guitar, Wurlitzer keys, and her delicate, dreamy vocals. Harris' first album was 2005’s Grouper, a self-released full-length CD-R, followed later that year by Way Their Crept on Free Porcupine (re-released in 2007 on Type Records). GROUPER is a professional and dynamic 4 piece contemporary and classic rock and pop band. Featuring an incredible line up of international touring musicians of the highest quality, the band play guitar based hits from The Strokes, Jet, Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, U2, Blur, Bruno Mars, The Killers, Stereophonics, Blink 182, Chilli Peppers, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and many more legendary. Grouper’s debut release on the label was “Way Their Crept” in 2005, which earned significant praise from portions of the musical press. 2006 brought the single “(He Knows)”, Harris’ third album “Wide”, and a collaboration with the experimental punk band Xiu Xiu entitled “Creepshow”. im into indie, alternative, weird soul shit that i can't really describe other than "deep raspy voice." (if anyone knows if there's a name for this type of music pls let me know) the artist doesn't have to be in one of those genres just thought i would Children by Grouper, released 04 August 2017 Towards the end of making RUINS I wrote a song that never made it onto the album. I'm looking for things that are experimental in an accessible way, and don't dilute the "extreme" aspects of metal, but rather celebrate it. In their heavier moments, all of these artists are full-tilt metal in my opinion, but their other influences add a lot of interesting dynamics to their respective styles. I love the juxtaposition. Grouper Articles and Media. Presenting our favorite songs of the year: from the chaos of Perfect Pussy to the smoothness of Rhye, from Los Angeles' Haim to New York's Vampire Weekend I have never listened to AnCo in my life, but I would like to get into them. I am going to listen to every LP and EP in order of release. grouper self titled cdr 2005. way their crept, cd, free porcupine society 2005. he knows, 3" cd, collective jyrk 2006. creepshow, xiu xiu album with grouper collaboration, cd, states rights records/slender means society 2006. wide, cd, free porcupine society 2006. wide, 12" smokey gray and clear vinyl and black vinyl, wierd forest shout-out to u/KleverGuy for the inspiration. Explore releases and tracks from Grouper at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Grouper at the Discogs Marketplace. They do often site My Bloody Valentine as being a major influence and they have toyed with this kind of sound with songs like Bodysnatchers. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums All weekly threads (including this one) will always be posted at 10:00 AM EST, so look out for them then. /r/letstalkmusic is starting a fun and exciting new thread inspired by /r/truefilm. Each week a WHYBLT? (fantastic acronym if I do say so myself) thread will be posted, where we can talk about what music we’ve been listening to. The format, as of right now, is as follows. ___________________________________________________________ Band Name : You must write a description The only one I really know about is Bardo Pond and I like them a lot and I would like to check out some other bands with chick singers. Edit: I can always count on you guys. Thanks for so many suggestions Edit 2: you guys are fucking badass. Use this thread to discuss anything related to live music. Cliffhangers suck. That's why I'm taking pity on y'all and posting this chapter early. Standard Disclaimer: I do not take credit for the setting, this story is set in the 'They are Smol' ( universe, written by our very own u/tinyprancinghorse. TPH has a Website (, a Patreon (, and also a Discord ( if you need more smol shenanigan. Hi Everyone, You know the drill, I'm moving so I'm trying to get my collection smaller so I don't have to lug it all around! I have a ton of 12" singles for cheap and also a lot of great full length LP's. Check the google sheets here for more information and links to exact pressings: ( Hi Everyone! I am moving in a couple months and am trying to trim the collection and save some $ in the meantime. Here are the records that are for sale! I created a google spreadsheet where you can see extra notes and links to the Discogs page of the release so you can check out specifics on each pressing (they are not listed there). Shipping via USPS media mail ( im talking Grouper, im talking Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, im talking frickin Eric Copeland. theses have been some great times as far as AC amp Company releases go, but i cannot wait until they go back on tour as the band proper (fingers crossed for the foursome) with those sweet openers. Hello writers of reddit, I have never posted here before but have been working on a novel for some time now! amp#x200B; I am growing worried that the work is too manic and out of focus, but it is intentionally so. My love for writing has always been limited to authors with messy, meandering styles whose prose focuses on realistically portraying the cluttered thought of normal people. Having said that, I still see the need for some kind of structure and plot to some degree; though my prose. Good morning gamers, and welcome to another edition of our continuing AOTY series. Today, we have for you a wonderful writeup on the latest solo album by Big Thief's Adrienne Lenker, abysskiss. Artist: Adrianne Lenker ( Album: abysskiss ( Listen: Bandcamp ( Spotify ( Apple Music (https://itunes.a. Hello! I am a creature from a reasonably earth-like planet. I am a relatively simple creature. While I do not fall into the taxonomy of earth creatures, I have almost everything in common with a shark. I am a flat-bellied fish with a largely kite-shaped body. The front end of my 'kite' narrows to an oddly squared, blunt snout, and the back of it grows out into my vertical tail. Almost the entire front half of my 'kite' is my head, which blends seamlessly with the rest of my body. Hello everyone! It's day 10 of our Album of the Year 2018 series and today, u/themilkeyedmender is going to be talking about Julia Holter's latest album, Aviary --- Julia Holter ( - Aviary ( --- Listen: Spotify ( Apple Music ( Bandcamp. Hey, all. 2018 was fantastic for music, but all years are, so what else is new? I've attached a list of my favorite projects from the year - albums, EPs, and DJ sets were all eligible. I'e written up on the top fifty - you'll find nocturnal deep house, world-weary country, boundary-pushing trap music, MDMA-fueled DJ sets, scattered ambient pieces, and quite a few other things here. The thing connecting all fifty releases, to me, is excitement; these are all artists that are pushing their craft. The First Annual Cults THE YEAR OF AMBIENT ######INTRODUCTION Welcome to all LHers! I’ve decided this year that instead of trying to rank albums against each other that have little to no overlap in an attempt to gauge my own emotional reaction down to its smallest unit of measure that I will be doing things academy awards style. This means that I will be breaking up my year-end list into categories of loose genres. The genre categories will not be predetermined, which is to say, there Two of my favorite bands are Beach House and Cocteau Twins, what other artists bands should I give a try ? Also love Grouper Don't feel like reading? Just skip to the end to get a quick "Best Of" introduction for Mid-Air Thief. ## Who is Mid-Air Thief? If you follow music ranking websites like RYM, or Sputnik music you might be familiar with Mid-Air Thief as an object of curiosity. He’s basically exploded across the underground music snob community of 2018, currently sitting at the #14 highest rated album of 2018 on RYM, and the third highest rated Folktronica album EVER on the site. Hell of a debut. Hi all! Back again with some new stuff for you. Many below Discogs price. This time I dug deep into my personal collection and pulled out a few gems for you. And also included a link to some rare Vaporwave cassettes I'm selling. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by! ____________________________________________________ Terms: I have lots of experience selling records for the past ten years and have a 100% positive feedback score on Discogs. ( Grouper is the solo project of American musician, artist and producer Liz Harris. She has released material on her own label and other independent labels since. Physical description: The hogfish has a long, pig-like snout, and protrusible jaws with thick lips and strong canine teeth. The first three spines of the dorsal. 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